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FREE Webinar Series For Downtown Bolton Businesses

September 24, 2022

Window Shopping

Through a collaboration with the Town of Caledon and City of Brampton, Caledon businesses have the opportunity to take part in a free webinar series (one or all sessions) focused on visual merchandising for retailers.

These retail focused sessions presented by The Retail Duo will ensure businesses quickly learn the value of merchandising and the impact it can have on their customer experience and sales.

Merchandising 101

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 from 12 noon to 1pm

Do you want to learn how to be the ultimate silent salesperson for your retail environment? During this session, Diane and Karen will demonstrate strategies in visual merchandising that will entice customers, activate the senses, and drive sales. The Retail Duo will take a deeper dive into multiple merchandising best practices to spark your creativity. This session will leave you feeling inspired and ready to apply these merchandising tips and tricks to your own retail environments!

Creating Impactful Displays & Shop Windows

Tuesday, October 4, 2022 from 12 noon to 1pm

For decades, visual merchandisers and shop keepers have produced impactful, inspiring, and informative windows. Historically windows became a huge focus and investment for some of the big brands. In contrast, for today’s shop-keeper, the design and production of a store window can seem overwhelming, costly, and time consuming at times. This session will focus on how to Create Impactful Displays & Shop Windows. Highlights include; where to start when building themes and messaging, checklists for elements of display, working with the store layout to carefully select the right locations to utilize for displays, and a few more of The Retail Duo’s very own pro-tips!

Adapting Trends

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 from 12 noon to 1pm

When you master trendspotting, you can offer your store a distinct competitive advantage to evolve with the consumer and still hold relevance in 2022 and beyond. Staying up-to-date on the current consumer trends is a way to predict what customers may want in the future. With so much uncertainty, the pandemic has continued to accelerate trends seen across the retail industry, several of which will continue to have a profound impact into 2023. During this exciting session, The Retail Duo will review their exclusive market insights and research findings on the top Retail Merchandising trends for 2023/24 and beyond.

About The Retail Duo

Diane Spiridoulias is a full-time professor in the Sheridan Visual Merchandising Arts Program, and a freelance stylist. Her portfolio of classes varies from delivering Fashion Styling to Retail Merchandising, and Integrated Retail Marketing. Her background also involves extensive work with various brands as an Art Director.

Karen Kritzer has been a part time professor in the Visual Merchandising Arts Program as well, and she has recently moved to a Studio Technologist and Field Placement Advisor role where she assists with various programs and connects students with industry partners for their internships.

Diane and Karen are also business partners with their consulting firm. The Retail Duo. They work with both large and small retail operations and they have presented at various conferences throughout Canada and the USA and they both sit on the board for the Toronto Chapter of the Retail Design Institute (RDI).